I hunted far and wide to find the 8 by 8 cedar posts I wanted for my pergola. A few shops said they could custom order them… but I discovered that Aichison’s is THE place to go — they actually had them in stock… I couldn’t find another place that did. And, Aitchison’s price that was only 53% of the price I had been quoted for the custom order. So, I drove from Mississauga to Hamilton to investigate and I found that Neal and his brother-in-law Dave are about as welcoming and customer centric as you could possibly have hoped. Good people, really committed to their customers… and thus their business. I would recommend this shop to anyone thinking of cedar. My impression is that these guys have FORGOTTEN more about cedar than most people will ever KNOW about cedar! Hugh Murphy

I have purchased Cedar from Aitchison Lumber for over 20 years now and i have not once been disappointed with there service or products. Best cedar around and great selection. Keep up the good work Caprilli Steve