Cedar Lumber







All our cedar lumber is  Pinnacle grade Western Red Cedar from British Columbia. We carry the highest quality and longest lengths of cedar in southern Ontario. Learn why our customers always return!


Unit Dimensions Knotty Clear
1x2 2-12ft 2-12ft
1x3 2-12ft 2-12ft
1x4 2-12ft 2-12ft
1x6 (appearance grade fencing) 2-14ft 2-16ft
1x8 8-16ft 2-16ft
1x10 8-16ft 2-16ft
1x12 8ft 2-8ft
1x4 T&G N/S 3-20ft
1x6 T&G 6-16ft 3-20ft
2x2 4-16ft 2-8ft
2x4 2-16ft 2-16ft
2x6 2-20ft 2-20ft
2x8 2-20ft 2-20ft
2x10 2-20ft 2-20ft
2x12 6-18ft 2-18ft
5/4x6 (select decking) 2-20ft 2-20ft
4x4 2-12ft 2-12ft
6x6 6-16ft 6-16ft
8x8 (ROUGH) 8-16ft N/S
8” Bevel Siding Random Lengths Special Order
8” Cedar Chanel Random Lengths N/S


  • Cedar Shake Shingles
  • Cedar Capping (12 linear foot)


  • Colonial casing
  • Chair rail
  • Cedar Crown (shingle mould)
  • Outside Corner (1 3/8” and 1’ wide)
  • Cove
  • Quarter Round